L’envol de Cartier Fragrance Review


After a successful year of the L’envol Eau De Parfum (EDP), the first men’s fragrance by Cartier in 8 years, the brand recently came out with an Eau De Toilette (EDT) version for this fall. The difference between Eau De Parfum and Eau De Toilette relies on the concentration of the essences. The first one usually contains an 8-15% concentration while the later holds about 4-8%. It is, therefore expected that these two launches are different with the newest addition being a fresher and lighter scent.

L’envol reflects the attributes of aviation pioneer Santos Dumont: Determination, Self-achievement and Passion. The fragrance itself translates to “the flight” with Cartier wanting to inspire the wearer to reinvent themselves and let their spirit soar in the sky and to be honest… it all works! The cloud of citrus of L’envol along with the honey notes create a very refreshing and warm initial smell which altogether feels very “weightless”, almost like you are flying! As the fragrance dries down, the notes of gaiac wood become more evident and add an oriental touch to the perfume. However, these woody notes are not too overpowering, keeping the perfume light and airy.

Overall, L’envol is very comfortable to wear due to the refreshing and light nature of the citrus notes. The honey and gaiac wood give this warmth to the fragrance which makes it ideal for autumn. I love layering it up every few hours within the day as the initial cloud of citrus is very magnetic! It is ideal for anyone who wants to stand out in the crowd but without wanting to be intrusive with their scent.

The L’envol Eau De Toilette is available in two sizes, 50 ml (£63.00) and 80ml (£84.00).

Both of the sizes can be purchased here.

L'envol EDT Review L'envol EDT Review

Men's fall styleL'envol ReviewL'envol de Cartier reviewL'envol de Cartier review

The fragrance comes in a glass bottle with a modern design which features a metal twist cap with a guilloche pattern.

L'envol de Cartier review

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  1. October 4, 2017 / 10:29 am

    Sounds like a great fragrance – very classy! I love the lovely bottle and the clean design.
    Best, Carmen –

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