Sleep is one of the pillars of health along with nutrition and exercise and it is essential for our emotional well-being and physical health. A lot of recent studies have shown that a good night’s sleep is linked to many benefits such as reduced stress, lower blood pressure, improved memory and an overall better mood. In addition to that, a good rested body and mind can really improve someone’s concentration and productivity. That is because various aspects of the brain function are dependent on the quality of our sleep and have a direct effect on our daily performance. It is therefore vital to not underestimate the importance of our sleep and pay close attention to the factors that affect it to ensure that we get the best of its benefits.

A good sleep is not only defined by time but also by other factors such as your body’s position, the type of bed and of course, the mattress you are using. As someone who has slept on a fair share of beds the past couple of years as a travel blogger, I have to say that the mattress is one of the main things I look into when staying in a hotel. A good mattress has a huge impact on the quality of my sleep and on my next day’s performance and I always look into the right balance between support and softness. That being said, when Leesa offered to replace the old-spring mattress at my place with a brand new Leesa one, I was over the moon! I figured.. if I am so picky on the mattresses that I sleep during my hotel stays, then how could i allow myself to sleep on a rock solid mattress at home which clearly affected my everyday sleep and mood?

If you are not familiar with Leesa, it is an innovative mattress company that delivers their mattress vacuumed packed inside a box and directly to the comfort of your own house (it’s the future people!). The Leesa mattress is a foam mattress that contours the body while sleeping but also provides enough support to prevent the individual from sinking in so they can comfortably change positions. With a firmness level of 5-6 out of 10, the mattress adjusts to each individual differently and provide full support and comfort during your sleep. What is also great about this company is that they donate one mattress to charities supporting the homeless, as well as those seeking refuge from domestic abuse and human trafficking, for every ten sold. So far, they have donated over 30,000 mattresses worldwide. How amazing is that, the world needs more love like this!

My Leesa mattress arrived in the first week of August which gave me a good one month of sleeps before writing this post, enough to form my own opinion. Although I was quite sceptical at first as foam mattresses tend to get warm due to poor temperature regulation (and the weather in London has been the warmest since I have been here), I was happily surprised to see that I could easily fall asleep without any discomfort. With a little research on this, I learned that this is because the Leesa mattress is made out of three different layers with the top layer (Avena layer) specifically designed to maximise airflow and keep the mattress cool. The other two layers are for adding the core support and comfort that make up for this unique sleeping experience. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to change to Leesa and with they way that the mattress feels when i am on it! I spend a lot of time in bed editing, replying to emails or relaxing and the support is perfect whether I am sitting or laying.

If you are interested in trying out the Leesa mattress, you can get one using my code “ELEFV” for £100 off. Your purchase has no risk, meaning you can return it within 100 days if you are not satisfied.

Disclaimer; This post is sponsored by Leesa, however, all opinions are my own.

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