Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The time is almost here, Valentine’s day is approaching . If you haven’t decided what to get for your special one don’t worry! I have got you covered. This is a list of few of my favourite items for a gift. All of them fall under the luxury category ( its Valentine’s day, you should splurge), however i have divided them into price categories for every budget.



                                                  FOR HIM

Under 100

1.London Kit by Aesop

                                           The first gift is probably my favourite kit ever produced by AESOP, London has everything you need. From the simple Shampoo and conditioner to their famous Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser to even mouthwash, you can experience the whole Aesop range without spending too much. It is currently out of stock online, however you can find it in your nearest Aesop store.

2. Tom Ford Extreme Noir 100ml

                                                                                     This perfume has been on my list for a year now and its still one of my favourite fragrances. The woody and spicy smell with amber undertones captures the essence of a true gentleman. It’s a perfect gift for a guy who likes dark and smoky smells.

3.Round-Neck Wool Jumper by COS

COS is the perfect brands for gifts if you don’t want to spend much but
you want your gift to be on the luxury side. Their quality is very high and anything you get from there is an investment piece that you can layer up and play around.

OVER 100

1.Leather Card Holder by TOM FORD


                                                                  Leather goods are always a safe choice when shopping for a gentleman, especially if they are branded! A cardholder is probably one of the most useful things you can buy for busy man and its probably one of the cheapest options as well. This TOM FORD cardholder screams luxury with the careful detailing but you can opt for a different one depending on your budget.

2. Leather Belt with Double G buckle by GUCCI

                                                                         If you tell me you never thought about buying this item then you are probably lying, its the hottest accessory of the season! Chances are if everyone wants it then so does the person you are going to gift it to. This Gucci belt will elevate any outfit and i can assure you its going to make someone very happy.

OVER 250

1.Burberry Scarf

Definitely for that special someone, this £335 Burberry scarf is the ultimate luxury gift for both males and females. It comes in a variety of colours and prints and you can even engrave the name initials for an extra £50!

2.Gabriel Navy Coat by REISS

                                                                                              This wool blend coat by REISS is a perfect addition to every modern man’s wardrobe. Its contemporary design and sturdy look will look great with any outfit. The brand is famous for producing high quality outerwear and i think its definitely one to watch for.


                                                     FOR HER

Under 100

1. Swarovski Gate Bangle

Swarovski has a strong brand name on the jewellery market and for the most part they are fairly inexpensive (which is also good, ha!). They have came up with a Valentines day collection which you can check out here, however this bracelet from their online store stole my heart! It’s available in White, Gold are Rose gold and it’s a very special gift for just £79.

2. Lip Gloss by Christian Louboutin

                                                                     Christian Louboutin is a woman’s paradise, so when they came up with their overpriced nail varnishes and lip glosses, all of them went crazy! Men don’t need to spend thousands on a shoe to win her heart, now it will simply going to cost you 65 pounds.

Over 100

1. Infinite Gem Flower Bouquet by ONLYROSES

                                                                                   If you are the predictable guy who will bring flowers and chocolates for Valentines, i have an alternative for you. This novelty gift by ONLY ROSES provides you with 5 flowers in a jar but there is a twist! the roses stay up to a year! They come in different bundles and colours and the price range from 105-270 pounds.

2. Teddy Bear Charms by BURBERRY


                                                       Now we have seen every brand do key charms, literally every brand though. Burberry also recently came up with key rings and i have to admit they are super cute! My favourite is The Regimental Thomas Bear Charm which is their signature teddy bear dressed in the most British way possible.

OVER 250

1. Guilted Cross Bodybag by REBECCA MINKOFF

                                                                         This bag by Rebecca Minkoff has a lot of the Chanel Boy attributes but thankfully the price tag is not of them! It’s 100% leather and very stylish, a perfect gift for the modern woman.

2. GUCCI Fringed Pumps

GUCCI has had a lot of hits this year, with these shoes making the top of most women’s must buy gifts. Loved by many fashion gurus and celebrities, it is no mistake that this item is the most expensive one in the list. But trust me, it’s going to be worth it!




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    If you have extra spending money from your year-end bonus and really want to treat her this Valentine’s Day, schedule a couples massage for the two of you, or a full spa day just for her.

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