OOTW 2 | Lost in Havana

Hey guys, I hope you are all keeping well. Before I start this post, I wanted to clear out that no, I am not in Havana (*cries*). A lot of people seemed to got confused by the captions of my Instagram posts, but this is actually shot in London. I just thought that the outfit and the location fit perfectly together and gave me Havana vibes!

This week I decided to create a look with items that I normally wouldn’t choose. For instance, light pink chinos are not even on my fashion radar as they are much harder to style and I constantly see myself “playing it safe” by relying on my old trusted darker chinos. However, there was something about pairing these with a Khaki Knitted Polo Shirt and a white Muscle Vest that completely changed my opinion on light colored chinos. Everything in this look just fits so effortlessly together and I love that!

After all, that is the point of this series, to push myself, expand the fashion boundaries that I set to myself a few years back and show you guys that it’s ok to experiment. Sometimes you may look back at your styling attempts and regret your decisions but there will be those times that you will end up loving something you never considered would suit you. And this is when you let your creativity out and you open yourself more to the world.

Most of the things from the outfit are from ASOS which means that there are easily available to you. If I had to choose one item, then I would definitely go for the knitted shirt from Mango as I am obsessed with its khaki color and linen feels. However, it does crease easily so it’s important that you take good care of it.

You can take a look at the complete outfit below and don’t forget to let me know what you thought of it!


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