There are only a few brands that you can link a particular lifestyle to their name and Ralph Lauren is undoubtedly one of them. In 50 years, Ralph Lauren created an empire ranging from formal, casual and sporting wear which are all connected by one vision, that of an accomplished and refined life. Either it’s in the polo fields around the world, the slopes of Aspen or the boardrooms of Manhattan, the iconic brand has managed to embody the glamour of the American Dream and showed us that style is timeless.

Although Ralph Lauren is mostly renowned for its Polo Shirts (one of its all-time bestsellers along with its Cabled-Knit Sweaters), there is another item taken deep from the archives that is making a much-anticipated appearance this festive season, the Polo Bear sweater. The origins of this iconic item comes from the late 80’s when Ralph Lauren received a stuffed teddy bear wearing a polo outfit for his birthday. The designer liked it so much that he eventually decided to put the image of the bear to the sweater and it instantly became a huge success. With time, the bears have managed to keep relevance and they have now grown to become one of the company’s most popular mascot!

This year the Polo Bear sweater got friends, with an extensive collection of items including hats, hoodies and socks being made on its honor. How cute!

Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Collection Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Collection

Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Collection

In this blog spot, I was challenged to revive my favorite polo-bear sweater and bring it to life in my own unique style. After all…that is the fun with these sweaters, there are so many ways you can wear them and it just never gets boring! The fashion world has no boundaries, giving you the freedom to mix different styles and create your own unique look. Especially now with the big logos and figures on clothes being very fashionable, the sweater gives you so much creativity and space to play with! I mean.. I would absolutely love to rock the tuxedo bear sweater with a shiny black suit but I guess that would have to wait for another day! ( maybe New Years, ha!).

However, for this outfit, I decided to create a look that feels very timeless but still consists of modern, fashionable items that you probably see every day on your Instagram feeds. You would be lying if you say that you haven’t seen your favorite Instagrammer wearing a baker boy hat recently. They are very in-trend this season and I can totally see why, they elevate your look completely and you will be definitely standing out of the crowd with one of this. My favorite one must be this one by Ralph Lauren just because of its beautiful tweed color and print!



Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Collection
Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Collection

Winter is officially here and it is about time you put your coats aside and you start stocking up for the colder months. And the first thing on your list should be a shearling jacket. They are the most stylish and luxurious way to stay warm this year but owning a real one would set you back a couple of thousands so you better start saving! I chose mine in a dark brown color, which I thought looked great when I paired it with my wine colored scarf and the Polo Bear Sweater. The vintage feels of the jacket and the hat contrasting with the modern twist of the Polo Bear Sweater made me fell in love with the look completely!

Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Collection

Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Collection

Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Collection

To complete my look, I wore a pair of blue jeans and a Chelsea Boot similar to the color of my jacket. Jeans are a central component in a man’s wardrobe and it’s important that you take time to find the right fit for you. Staple pieces like Jeans and Chelsea Boots are investment pieces that will last you a lifetime so it’s ok to splurge a little more!


Let me know what you think of my outfit in the comments below! What is your favorite knit from the Polo Bear Collection? Make sure to check them out here.

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