As an advocate of basic, quality but also affordable clothing, for the past year, you have only seen me wearing a limited color palette that mostly consists of dark blue, grey and (at times) burgundy. And that is not going to change. I always consider classic pieces as an investment in my wardrobe. Being able to mix them up and style them on different occasions has a great factor to my buying decisions as It’s important for me to get my money’s worth of an item.

However.. I recently realized that even though I take great consideration of what clothing items I buy.. it seems that I don’t follow the same pattern when it comes to my accessories.The majority of my watches consist of impulse buys from high street stores such as H&M and Topman and although they look fashionable and do the work.. these watches have only lasted me maximum a couple of weeks before either the strap gets ruined or the watch completely gave up on me.

So I thought..

“If I am taking the effort to curate a nice wardrobe for myself, isn’t it time I take things further and start investing on one of the most important accessories in a man, a good and classic watch?”

It is crazy what you can get by just stretching your budget a bit more from what you would normally pay at a fast fashion retailer. That’s why this week I partnered up with Paul Rich, a New-York born brand that creates classic and quality timepieces, to showcase to you one of my favorite watches from their collection and show you that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to look dapper!

You can check out their watches here.

Paul Rich Chrono Blue

Paul Rich Chrono Blue
Inspired by jet-set aesthetics, Paul Rich has managed to create a variety of different watches for the modern gentleman that are timeless and a great luxury addition to an everyday look. My personal favorite is the CHRONO – BLUE SILVER just because I was instantly drawn to the contrast of the blue face and the brown strap. Its color is truly captivating and it’s a great transition watch that you can pull off any time of the day, from the day at the office to a night out in a bar. Personally, I have been really enjoying wearing it with dark colored coats/knits and letting the watch get all the attention as the detailing of the dial is amazing!

Paul Rich Chrono Blue
Paul Rich Chrono Blue

Even though the watch features many characteristics of other expensive competitors, the price is still very cheap for the scrutiny of is design. The watch is made from stainless steel while the strap is crafted with genuine alligator leather. It is also water resistant up to 5 ATM ( 50 meters) which makes it great for that summer vacations. That’s what I call value for money!

Paul Rich Chrono Blue

Paul Rich Chrono BluePaul Rich Chrono Blue

Paul Rich Chrono Blue

Click the link to find your favorite Paul Rich watch.

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