October is probably one of my favourite months, not because of Halloween or hot coffee, but because it means that Autumn is here and so is Autumn/Winter fashion. I am talking about different layers, textures, materials.. the clothing options are endless and styling all these together to create an outfit is one exciting process. However, having so many choices can be overwhelming sometimes so I decided to partner up with Canali for this blog post where I will talk about some of the key trends and advice for this Autumn/Winter. You know… so you are always looking stylish this season!

Canali is a family-run business established in 1934 that specializes in men’s suits (among a wide collection of modern menswear). They are particularly proud of their Italian heritage and their longstanding tradition that intertwines culture, style, quest for excellence and respect for professionalism and quality. With over 80 years of experience and with these values as the core foundation of the brand, Canali has managed to expand abroad (latest ventures include Russia, China, India and Oceania) and showed the world the true timeless Italian style. It’s a brand that is loved by many stylish men (including the style icon of all, James Bond) due to its craftsmanship and timeless designs so you know you are getting fashion advice from the right source.


The beginning of Autumn is always a tricky season. Just when you think it’s safe to pack your Summer wardrobe away, Fall’s capricious ways replace the chilly weather with summer-like temperatures and sunshine. Investing in good transitional pieces is the only way to be prepared for the fast-changing temperatures in the day. This coat from the Kei line, one of their most iconic lines from Canali, is a great light wear option for the beginning of Autumn/Winter. Blue is also a classic shade that works all year long, it’s very easy to style and can complement both tailored suits and relaxed separates alike. All in all, you invest in one good piece that you can carry along for the rest of the seasons and you know you will make great use of.


There is nothing more fashionable than being yourself. Canali puts a lot of emphasis on individuality in their newest Autumn/Winter campaign. The brand says;

“Each of us has a unique composition. The instruments we play, the tones of our voices, the songs we know by heart. The books on our bookshelves and the movies in our living rooms. The sound of our laughter and the way we take our coffee. Our hometowns, family traditions, childhood friends. All of these personal intricacies are threaded together to give our lives substance, shape, dimension. Texture.”

Winter fashion is one of the best ways to show your individuality. Layering clothes with different textures, colours and materials can really differentiate one look from another and it’s a great way to show your creativity to the world. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play around with the items in your wardrobe, sometimes the best outfits can come from the unexpected. For instance, Canali suggests to to pair your tailored blazer with your casual corduroy trousers to create an appealing aesthetic you would want to wear on repeat!

If you don’t want to think too much to create an outfit, that is ok too – a simple accessory would do. From a motif tie or pocket square for a formal look to a dynamic runner shoe silhouette for a casual outing, there is always going to be a way where you can add your personal touch to the finished outfit.


I couldn’t write a post on Canali without going more in-depth on suits. The quality and craftsmanship of their suits are like no other. They use the best fabrics and materials for every detail from the interiors to the lining to the buttons and they are always crafted by a highly skilled Italian craftsmen who designs, cuts and sews it. This way, perfection in every garment is ensured.

Rest assured, a good suit will never be out of fashion and it’s a fundamental piece to have in your wardrobe no matter the seasonal trends. Trends come and go every year but a quality suit is timeless, elegant and will last you a lifetime. No matter your distinct taste, Canali has a huge selection of suits and you are guaranteed to find your perfect match.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Canali, however, all opinions are my own.

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