Hello guys, today’s post is the first one from a weekly series I want to start called OOTW ( Outfit Of The Week). In this series, I will be showcasing my favourite look that I have worn of the week and I will be talking a little more about it. The outfit will either be a completely new purchase or some pieces that I styled from my wardrobe and ended-up loving! I am hoping that through this series, I will get to pay more attention to what I wear on an everyday basis and not just during my photoshoot days and i will also give you some style inspo.

The first look that I want to talk about is a nautical inspired outfit from a couple of days ago. Now.. I know that a nautical theme doesn’t really align with the London style (or weather) but I recently made terms with myself that this summer I won’t be seeing the beach anywhere near me so I thought Why NOT? To further justify the outfit choice, the weather was very sunny that day and I did end up going to the park which somehow makes the hat less ridiculous.

For the main outfit, I wore a striped shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch ( because it can’t get more nautical than that) which I have been obsessed for a couple of months now. The shirt is a mixture of cotton and linen and is perfect to use for both summer and winter months! I wore it with a simple white t-shirt from Topman as I wanted the option to have the shirt open or half tucked-in the pants, a trend that I have been wanting to do for a while now. I paired it with a very comfortable pair of jeans from Zara ( i almost forgot how good it feels not wearing skinny jeans!?) to keep the look relaxed but if you want to dress it up, you can wear either dark blue chinos or linen pants. My sunglasses are from Asos and I loveeee their shape (something between Hexagonal and round) while my shoes are a simple white pair from River Island that are a must for any summer month. Scroll down for more pics!

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