New year, New goals

It’s a New year and I would first like to thank everyone for the support they have given me on my Instagram page, your love means a lot to me and inspires me daily. I hope you all have a healthy year and strength to go after your goals!
Be focused and don’t fuck it up! ha!

From creating a Tumblr account back in 2008 to downloading Instagram on the month of its release, photography has always been an important part of my life.
However, during August of 2016 I realized that this passion was growing stronger and it was becoming more than just a hobby. Focusing more on my Instagram content for the past few months I decided that I needed a stronger platform where I can express myself freely, with no restrictions. In that note, I decided to open my blog on the first days of 2017 with the hope that it remains a place of expression for the years to come.

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Outfit : Overcoat | Pants (similar) | Brogues and Sweatshirt from Topman |